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Spring Force Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

At Spring Force, we can take care of website maintenance for you, so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your site updated and optimized. Don’t lose conversions with a broken or vulnerable website.

It does not matter if it’s a new project or an old one. Our maintenance packages will include:

  • upgrades to the latest technologies
  • upcoming bug fixes
  • themes updates
  • plugin updates
  • new feature development
  • security checks
  • data entry

When you want to build a new project, you should check out our pricing calculator. We grouped up multiple tasks into packages. For more details check out the full description on our Service page.

How much does it cost?

With every project you can order one of these website maintenance offers:

  • Basic – includes 3 hours of work. This will be a monthly cost €250 and you save 16%.
  • Advanced – includes 6 hours of work. This will be a monthly cost €450 and you save 25%.

You can cancel this service at any time. We’ll do a contract that works on a monthly basis.

Sometimes your monthly maintenance tasks can exceed what your package has to offer. When this happens we’ll bill you with our usual rate of €100/hour.

If you want to order and you don’t want a new website, send us a message through this contact form.