Online Store Development

What is an E-commerce website?

Spring Force Woocommerce DevelopmentAn E-commerce website is an online shop where all the orders and transactions are automated. This means that your website can generate sales all day long and you only have to worry about production.

We usually use WordPress for our websites and because of that we recommend WooCommerce. It’s by far the best plugin for building online stores.

In April 2017, a total of 1,986,324 in websites use WooCommerce, or 23,724 of the world’s top million websites. That’s 0.5% of all websites, or 2.8% of the top million websites.

There are tons of extensions and there’s a huge community that develops tools for it. This will ensure growth and constant updates. Woocommerce is a safe future-focused solution.

If you want something different, you should check out our Custom E-commerce Package.

Basic E-commerce Package

We’ll install and customize WooCommerce on your WordPress website.

This package is enough for most websites. You’ll be able to sell your products and keep in touch with your customers. If you want, we can set up automatic payments, we can customize the emails, we can set up shipping and much more. This means that we’ll set up any plugin you can find on the WordPress database or from external sources.

If you want something more complex, please read on.

Advanced E-commerce Package

If you want your store to stand out, you need something different. Maybe you need a unique feature and there’s no plugin for that. That’s not a problem. We’ll write custom code for anything. We can make your online shop remarkable.

Everything from Basic E-commerce Package is included in this as well.

Complex E-commerce Package

You don’t like WooCommerce and you have a different platform in mind, that’s OK. We can help with that as well. Just make sure you mention all the details when you send us a message.

Our highly skilled developers can implement anything. We can even create a new platform if that’s the case. Let’s make your idea into reality.

Basic Package
WordCommerce Installation
Plugin Configuration
Customizing Emails
Automatic Payments
Setting up external plugins
Advanced Package
WordCommerce Installation
Plugin Configuration
Customizing Emails
Automatic Payments
Setting up external plugins
Creating new plugins
Custom WordPress Coding
Complex Package
Setting up other e-commerce platforms
Creating new e-commerce solutions
Complex Optimizations
Database Integration
Custom Coding
Use case tutorials

Can you edit my online shop?

Yes. We will change anything if you have access to the website’s files.

When you calculate your budget using our free pricing tool make sure you read the packages carefully and select which one represents your project. This information will help us figure out a time frame and the cost to implement your changes.