CMS Development

What is a CMS?

Spring Force WordPress prefered CMS

C.M.S. stands for Content Management System. This means that your website has an admin panel that lets you manage your posts, pages and users without any programming knowledge.

Our favorite is WordPress because it has a ton of plugins and it doesn’t have a monthly fee. We will connect it to your domain and every file will be on your hosting. You will have full access to everything at any time.

We definitely recommend it. And we’re not the only ones who do. A recent statistic says that:

WordPress is used by 59.2% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 28.3% of all websites.

It’s really good.

If you don’t want to use our suggestion, then you should read about our Custom CMS Package.

Basic CMS Package

For this option we will install WordPress and we’ll customize a theme to fit all your needs. The design will represent your brand and we’ll integrate it with social media. This will also include a basic lead generation form.

We’ll use any available plugins and we’ll set them up for you. For most websites this package is more than enough. If you want something a little more complex, read on.

Advanced CMS Package

Sometimes the plugins you find on the internet are not enough when you need a feature that is too specific. This is not a problem. We can change a plugin, we can merge multiple ones or we can create a new one. The same thing applies for themes. You just show us the feature and we’ll integrate it into WordPress.

This package includes everything from the Basic CMS Package as well.

Custom CMS Package

If you want to use something different than WordPress, you should choose this package. It does not matter if you want a different CMS that you found on the web or if you want to create a new one from scratch. We can do both.

When you have a clear idea you should put it in a document and our developers will build it for you. It’s as easy as that. We created these packages just to differentiate the complexity of the tasks thus influencing the number of hours we put in.

Basic Package
WordPress Installation
Theme Installation
Theme Customization
Adding Content
Basic Lead Generation Form
Advanced Package
WordPress Installation
Creating Themes
Creating Plugins
Theme Customization
Adding Content
Complex Lead Generation Forms
Custom Package
Custom coding
DataBase integration
CMS creation
Use case tutorials
Other CMS

We can edit CMS platforms as well

Many website owners don’t want to start over every time they need a new feature. We get that and we can help with this as well.

When you calculate your budget using our free pricing tool make sure you read the packages carefully and select which one represents your project. This information will help us figure out a time frame and the cost to implement your changes.